Business Digital Transformation

Tânia Barros is a Senior Business Security Consultant with 17 years of experience in IT Security management at international level, known for strategic and focused approaches to increase security and profitability while expanding business in new technology product areas.

For 6 years she had the opportunity to be the Head of Innovation at the Portuguese Mint and Print house managing 17 employees and €70 million in in revenue. She was in the managing of many large projects including the Portuguese Citizen card, Electronical passport, driver license, etc. She also participated in a series of committees to decide on new products and solutions to grow the company. After that, she worked as Project Manager at Fortconsult/NCC Group and PCI DSS Auditor, in charge of large key accounts. In 2016, she completed a master degree in Information system management, with a focus on GDPR and information security.  Tânia’s specialties include Sales and Marketing, Product Development and Management, Project management, Digital identity (PKI), Identification and Smart cards (cryptography, PKI, biometry), Programming languages, IT Security, Banking Cards, Project Management, Pentest and GDPR.